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We are a family of outdoor and board game enthusiasts. We live in the land of Trolls 🙂

When we are not hunting for trolls on the mounting hikes we are playing and discussing board games. Usually with a cup of tea and nice chocolate.

We have created Sweet Troll Games to design, develop and publish sweet fun board games and to share them with you.

Alex, Anastasia and Nikolai

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We were lucky to find an amazing illustrator – Nataly Agapitova for “Game of Hunt“. I would like to share how we, or mostly she, have created the trash monster character illustration and how work with the artist looks from a board game designer perspective. First of all, as a […]
review of "Game of Hunt"
In the previous post I’ve written about reviewers in different countries we’ve sent our “Game of Hunt” to. Reviewers started to receive the game, began to play it and provide their feedback. Most of it you’ll find on our Instagram page.  Here is one very special review which I would […]
Countries we have send the "Game of Hunt" to
Last month, after we finished our playtesting, we were looking for reviewers, bloggers and YouTubers who will play our game and help us spread the word. Now we have finished packaging and sending the “Game of Hunt” to reviewers. Packaging was a whole story in itself because we decided to reuse […]