We were lucky to find an amazing illustrator – Nataly Agapitova for “Game of Hunt“. I would like […]
In the previous post I’ve written about reviewers in different countries we’ve sent our “Game of Hunt” to. […]
Last month, after we finished our playtesting, we were looking for reviewers, bloggers and YouTubers who will play […]
Here is a piece of experience about how we did the playtesting for the “Game of Hunt”. Hope […]
I’ve shared before my ideas on how to make a cooperative game from a competitive one. You may […]
Previously, I’ve shared my thoughts on why I like cooperative board games for children. Now I would like […]
Many parents found themselves in a situation when they cannot play (board games, or sports, or other games) […]
The very first prototype of “Game of Hunt” was just a map drawn on paper. For cards we […]
Ideas wait for you everywhere… or they wait for me at least :)) Once you’ve started to design […]
“Game of Hunt” is a book with board games and magnetic components. It is not just one game […]