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“Game of Hunt” is a book with board games and magnetic components. It is not just one game but 4 different games. Each of them has their own story, mechanics and goals.

There are also some common features between the games. All the games use the same components, which are magnetic. So it is not that easy to lose the components, they will not fly around the table each time your kid pushes the board and it is easy to play wherever you want – on a plane, on a tour, in a hotel – you don’t need a table.

All the games have similar core rules. Players are moving and doing actions by discarding a card, players always have 3 actions during their turn and players always take cards up to 5 after their turn. Players can always swap cards between each other or discard their own cards and take new ones. Cards are simple: four different directions, action cards and teleport. Though it is not that easy since players can sit near different sides of the board and they will have different perspectives. Thus, going “to the left” for one player may be “to the right” for another. You will have to think about that when planning your actions and swapping the cards between players.

All the games are fully cooperative so you will not be fighting with your kid on who will win or who is the first. Instead, kids will learn to work as a team, plan their actions together, communicate, share their cards etc.

So, what the Game of hunt is about?

  • In the first game you will be cleaning the city hunting trash cubes until you pick them all. Is it citizens who throw away garbage on the streets? No, a cute trash monster came to the town and wants to play.
  • In the second game you help small gnomes to go mushroom hunting. Is it that simple? Yes, but the forest is magical and some mushrooms can teleport you in a completely different place.
  • In the third game you will travel to a different galaxy and will help a friendly alien. He needs to go resource hunting on another planet with strong winds. Mind the wind forecast.
  • The fourth game is for all who love treasure hunting. You will go to the ancient temple full of strange moving monkey statues. The treasure will be yours if you find the way to stop all of them.

Our son who is 5 years old loves mushroom forest most of all. Next is the third game, “another planet” because he loves everything about the universe (as many of the boys do). I love the first one because it was the first which I created 🙂 We hope everyone can find their favourite game!

I hope that sounds interesting enough for you to help us make this game and buy it on Kickstarter. Please ask any questions which you have 🙂

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