playtesting, we were looking for reviewers, bloggers and YouTubers who will play our game and help us spread the word. Now we have finished packaging and sending the “Game of Hunt” to reviewers.

Packaging was a whole story in itself because we decided to reuse the boxes which we already had in our storage (from other board games, shoes and all other stuff). Let’s reuse things and make less waste, right? So, we did a lot of cutting and taping these days. :))) And you know, a box from Anachrony was perfect for making two boxes with our games.

Now our game has travelled to more countries than we have! And to more States in the US also. I’ve never been to the US, Alex has been only once. We’ve sent “Game of Hunt” to 10 states already. 

a kind of coordinate system. So the address was 0000W 0000N (where instead of 0 was other numbers). I can imagine how easy it is for kids in Utah to learn the coordinates. And how strange our addresses are for them with all different and strange street names :)))

Do you know, is it only in Utah they use this coordinate like address system? Have you ever seen any unusual addresses?

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