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Ideas wait for you everywhere… or they wait for me at least :)) Once you’ve started to design board games you cannot stop. 

When we’ve created our first board game (which has not been finished yet, and we are not sure if we want to finish it at all) we were inspired by a video game we played. Now we also have a long list of our ideas most of them are inspired by a theme (books, video games, films) or some cool mechanic which we’ve seen in another board game. You know that thought, when you’re playing a game “oh, this is a cool idea, but what if I change these…” I’m 100% sure every board game designer knows these thoughts and has such long lists. Some of the ideas we have are even based on what we hope to achieve – to learn players something or to get them to experience something. This is a top priority for future designs.

As for “Game of Hunt” (read more about the game here), the idea came in a dream. Literally! I was dreaming about us playing some labyrinth game with our son, picking up resources or putting them on the board. The first thing I did when I woke up was to share my dream with my husband and son. And a couple of days afterwards we were already testing a first version. 

I was also inspired by labyrinths which my son loved a lot at that period and especially the types where you need to count or do something on your way. The third game in “Game of Hunt” which is called “Another planet” is the closest to that original idea. Resources lay on every square and you need to find the most effective path to pick them all up. Other games transformed more during the development though.

Have you ever dreamed about board games? :))

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