Game of Hunt prototype

The very first prototype of “Game of Hunt” was just a map drawn on paper. For cards we used old business cards (they work really well). And luckily we had a lot of spare components – meeples and cubes.

These cute different meeples came from the “Charterstone” legacy game. That’s how you use legacy games after you’ve finished them – excellent for making prototypes of your own games 😉

After we tried it several times, we moved to the more “advanced” version of the prototype by making maps in Excel and adding some pictures, so it will be more fun for our son, Niko, to play with us. 

And after months of playing, we decided to try our own magnetic version. That was a bit of a challenge! Somehow it was difficult to find a thin metal sheet in every shop. So we ended up buying a 1,2 mm thick 1 square meter sheet. After a couple of days of cutting (we don’t have proper tools to work with metal), my husband made a metal A4 sheet which worked just perfectly! And I was glueing the magnetic sheets to all the meeples and cubes during that week.

Believe me, a metal board and magnets really changed how we played the board game. No more “be careful, Niko”, “don’t push the board”, “don’t move other cubes”, “where was this meeple standing” 🙂 Now we don’t even need the table and can play in bed if we’d like! 

The idea of a magnetic board game came to us when we’ve seen a magnetic book for kids (there are a lot of them actually). Have you seen them, do you like them?

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